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Specializing in On-site Repairs to keep your costs low.


Is this your problem?

Your favorite 21 year-old NAV/COM just flickered and died.

After many phone calls you've learned most avionics shops will not and cannot repair legacy radios. If this is your problem, we can help since Sandhills Avionics specializes in legacy radios which often can be repaired at a reasonable price.  

How about this??

Some friendly soul at the FBO says you're loud but not clear?
Is "Say again" ATC's favorite phrase when you try to contact them? 

If so, Sandhills Avionics can help you identify the problem and work with you to ensure clear communications so important in today's flying environment.

Or this??

You're flying a localizer approach with a safety pilot in severe clear. The needle is all over the place and not due to your flying. Disgusted, you head to an avionics shop. Yes, they can help and will send out your unit.  Three weeks later, you try the approach again. Same problem!

Sandhills Avionics repairs most units in-house, that's our specialty.  Testing a unit after it  has been sent out and "repaired" can be overlooked.  Since we repair them, we test them! And by not adding a "mark-up" or freight costs to your bill, your repair costs are lower.

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